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Fiber Roving Jan 2019

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Fiber Roving ~~~ January 2019~~~ Happy New Year to one and all! I recently heard a quote, ???A new year, 365 days of new opportunities!??? what a positive way to start a new year, full of opportunities, let us all find good ways to utilize these opportunities with fiber and how we live our lives! I packed away the last of the holiday decorations, it was a good holiday for me, I got to spend time with family and friends and that is the best way to celebrate any occasion for me. And so, a new year and a new season begins. In Alaska in the past, this was often called ???Cabin Fever??? season, several say it is the continued darkness, and it does have a powerful effect on some people, yet the days are already getting longer, and I hang on to that. It is a good time to touch base with others and let them hear from you, and break any isolation they might be feeling. We have been having a mild winter and that has changed. It has made me concerned for some of my aging herd. As the temperature dropped, I made sure they had fresh bedding, and increased their grain ration. As ruminates, they actually produce body heat by digesting the coarser hay, but due to the sharp change in weather, I felt the addition of more protein in the form of additional grain would support the hay ration. When it is a gradual deepening of cold, the animals produce more fiber for warmth. When it is a sudden change, 30s to 20s, and then down to below zero in a weeks time, that is a sharp change, especially when over half my herd are seniors. They are loving the extra grain, as non-dairy goats, they don???t need or get a daily grain ration. But I have increased it, and like children in a candy store they are saying thanks mom and can we have seconds!? Our monthly meeting will be Jan 19, 12:00 noon at the Soldotna Public Library. Martha Merry set this schedule up for us and we will be meeting there this winter. Pass the word on. Our new Board of Directors will be meeting prior to our meeting and electing officers for the new board, maybe they will have announcements to make on new officers? I will see you all in a few weeks, on Jan 19. Happy 2019, and watch for all the great opportunities in your life!! Lee ????

Fiber Roving Dec 2018

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Fiber Roving December 2018~~ Hello, it???s that time of the year when holiday traditions are very active, a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate each in their own way! Enjoy yourself!! I have good news for myself and a special reason to celebrate. As many of you know, I have been unable to drive for 6 months due to blacking out while driving. After over 5 months of much medical testing, we finally have the problem identified, and a solution. So on Dec 5th I had a pacemaker put in. The doctor said my heart is strong, but I have a short in the electrical part, like a spark plug not working or a wire loose. The pacemaker takes care of that and I am safe on the roads and elsewhere again. I am a free woman ??? oh happy day!! Today it really snowed, and it filled my heart with joy! The trees are dressed in white, the land looks clean and bright???.to say the least, I am very tried of rain. It also has been hard on the goats, water on top of ice, everything wet, it hasn???t been very cold, but cold enough that its hard on wet critters. Sheep can shed rain to a degree (lanolin), goats cannot, they just get wet, and don???t like it!! I don???t like being wet in 30 degree weather either. Maybe I empathize too much with my critters, but they have been looking miserable in the rain, and I have some older ladies in my herd. So, the snow was a reason to celebrate and smile at the beauty of something so simple as snow! For any of you that have not been to recent meetings, it was decided that we would NOT have a December meeting, since many members have other obligations in December. Once again, NO DECEMBER MEETING! At the November Meeting of the Guild, we had an election of Board of Directors. We had four members who decided to continue. These are Monti Hightower, Lisa Lambert, Karen Porter and Linda Price-Albers. Our new Board Members are; MaryAnn Dyke, Kathy Morey, and Carol Sinenko for a total of seven board members, a good number, and a good mix. Their first meeting will be in Jan at which time officers will be elected. Their quarterly meetings will be one hour prior to our regular meetings at the library in one of the smaller conference rooms there. Happy Holidays to All!! Lee ????

Fiber Roving October 2018

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Fiber Roving Oct 2018 First, I would like to apologize! The weekend right after the Festival, we began our two weekend Volunteer Training for Hospice, so I have been working six days a week instead of four. I am late getting this out, sorry! We need to start by extending a huge congratulations to Nancy Field and all the Guild Members that worked so hard to make this the best festival we have had. The location worked very well, and the location made us much more accessible to the general public. The venders were very happy with the outcome too. All and all it was great! Can we make improvements, of course, that is always the case with any event. Yet, this was wonderful, the attendance was excellent, lots of conversations, lots of sales, and many first time fiber folks learning and enjoying the opportunities offered at the festival, what more could you ask? Good Job One and All! We are back on our winter schedule and our next meeting will be at the Soldotna Library. The 3rd Saturday of the month is October 20. We are starting at 11:00, food to share is welcome, and we have the space until 1:00. Bring your current portable fiber project with you and enjoy a relaxed time to socialize together. It has been two years since we elected our first board of directors. Some of these members have said they are ready to move on and allow others to take the job. We do have by-laws, a mission statement and some goals, something both old and new board members can use. So think about it folks, if you are interested in supporting the Guild, and being a board member, PLEASE let a board member know you are interested or let me know. We will be voting in November, we need to have names before then! Also as a 501c3, non-profit, we need to track our meetings and keep records, so we do need a functioning board. The by-laws say you only have to meet quarterly and that is very do-able. Think about it folks, others have been doing it for awhile, it might be your fun turn now. See you on the 20th, Lee Networking/Trades/Sales/Etc. 1. For Sale: Louet Victoria S95 spinning wheel with double treadle for sale. Made of beech wood. Excellent travel wheel; it folds down and only weighs 8 lbs. Nearly new condition. Comes with 3 bobbins, a lazy kate (for plying), and the original box. Made in the Holland. Retails for $800 plus shipping. Asking $700 obo. If you are interested, please call Jean Marie at 262-5769 or check out the ad on 2. Alaska Spinoff starts 12am Nov 9th and ends 12pm Nov 13th. Basically just a friendly competition to challenge ourselves to spin spin and spin. I am hoping these dates will be good dates falling on weekend and veterans day to have time off from work for most of us. The end of the spinoff send your total yardage of 2ply yarn to Hannah (email address will be in the reminder email as it gets closer)she will then see who won. The winner gets bragging rights til the next spinoff haha. Let's show off our yarns at the November meeting. Feel free to contact Karen Porter Email [email protected] or 907-953-0395 (text or call). 3. AFAR Retreat, still has some room left??????. SNEEK PEEK: What???s planned for the 30th Anniversary? It???s a Natural Dyeing extravaganza! You are welcome to bring your own silk or wool fabric, yarn and roving for dyeing; also thoroughly washed fleece and mohair are welcome. (partially washed contaminates the vats and doesn???t dye well). As always, our wonderful vendors will have a wide selection of dyed and undyed options available for purchase, so don???t worry if you don???t have something to bring ??? you can still participate! Remember: our challenge this retreat is a costume made by you! No rules about materials or construction and there???s still time to construct something that showcases your creativity, sense of humor and/or skills. So be sure to join us in the gym after Saturday???s potluck dinner. It???s a great time to bring everyone together for a shared retreat experience. Retreat dates: 10:00 a.m. Friday, 10/26/18 to 7:00 p.m. Sunday, 10/28/18 Sharon Hein/Retreat Diva/Email before retreat [email protected]

September 2018 Newsletter

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Fiber Roving Sept. 2018~~ Hello, it has been an odd summer for me and has quickly become fall, with seeds flying and leaves beginning to turn. Some areas have already had light frost, the big cold is coming, and I feel an urgency to get all in-order for winter. One blessing of the fall and these clear cool nights has been the beautiful light of the moon and the stars to brighten the night skies. Each season has its beauty and that is something we can all celebrate. We have much business to cover, our big event is on September 29 and 30 at the Sports Arena. This is a new venue for us, it is closer to the main population areas, so will hopefully be good for attendance. This benefits all aspect of fiber and is a great educational opportunity on many levels. Very important, we need raffle items for the festival. The raffle of these items helps us pay for the cost of the festival. Your donation should be a quality, finished item or a unique, quality skein of yarn. We will raffle them off at the Festival only, your donation is greatly appreciated and will help to support the Festival and keep it going. Your business card can be attached to the item, so it also promotes you. These next two items were passed on by Kathy who handles the web page and face-book for the Guild. We have been contacted by the Homer Folk School, they are looking for instructors. The contact person is Jen and her contact info: [email protected], or 907-299-9117. A second contact was Brenda, she has years of dog hair that she would love made into a scarf as a keepsake of her beloved pet. Please contact her at 907-394-1250 or [email protected] The leaders of the 4H Fuzzy Wuzzy Fiber Club are looking for new members age 10 yrs and up. Many of their current members are graduating and they are hoping for new members to join them. ČKiresten and Matthea can be reached at:776-5476 or 2364. Please remember to talk the Festival up to friends, family and neighbors! Word of mouth is the best way to get people interested. If you have a donation for Festival, please contact Nancy at 262-4440, it???s her work number, so leave a message and let her know what you are donating and get it to her office before the Festival, or bring to the Festival, as long as we know it???s coming, Thanks!! See you in Sept at the Festival!! Since we have this important event in Sept, we will not have our next regular meeting until Oct???all our focus now is the Festival. If you are not volunteering, teaching, or a being vendor, still come by, visit with your fellow fiber artists, sit in the spinner???s circle or just hang out. This is our gathering for the year, come and be part of it, it???s also a great chance to be inspired! Lee PS I still can not drive, is there anyone in Kasilof, that is going to the festival both days, that could give me a ride? Thanks???394-6146

Fireweed FiberFest 2018

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Fiber Roving July 2018

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Fiber Roving

July 2018

I’ve been setting on the deck in the BEAUTIFUL sunshine trying to type this, and can’t do it, too much glare on the screen, and if I go in the shade, I can’t hear the radio, which is playing Celtic music….ah! The goats are soaking up the warmth of the sun, as are the geese, who have left their nests. The dogs seek shade, and the cat the sun, oh a peaceful summer day in Alaska. I hope this blessed sun is warming your heart and spirit as well as your body….it has touched me too.

ATTENTION! There is a date change for the July meeting, due to our dye teacher’s availability. Our next meeting will July 28 starting at 11:00 am and going till we are done. It will be held at Lee’s place in Kasilof, it’s off No. Cohoe Loop a few miles, directions will follow. There is down-time so bring your portable projects, and munchies to share, I’ll have the tea pot on, and the water is good.

Marilyn, our teacher, has sent a long paper of information, so I am attaching it separately with the newsletter.

This class is open to ALL levels of dyers, come and watch, come and do, this is open to all people, from the “I know nothing about dying!” or “I have some skills” or “I love dying and it will be fun to do it with the group”………wherever you are with dying, please join us on the 28th and lets have some fun!

Marilyn refers to wool yarn, that means any natural animal fiber yarn, (alpaca, llama, angora, mohair etc.). If you buy store wool yarn, white of course. Don’t get the ‘easy wash’ type of wool, we found it doesn’t dye well,

If you have a crock pot that you do not use anymore, we could use it as a dye pot, and then it would have to be a forever dye pot. If you have a counter top elec. burner/heater we could use that also as a place to have a dye pot. My stove has the standard 4 burners, and that limits us to the number of dye pots we can have going, unless we have other counter top “cookers”. ��

OK – Directions: Lee’s – Go south on the Sterling Hwy to MP 111, or No Cohoe Loop. Go approx. 2 miles on No Cohoe, you will be able to see a brown state sign on right, as you get closer it reads Crooked Creek Recreation Area, just past that is a blue camper sign, then a green street sign for Rilinda, turn right on Rilinda. The first street sign is for Lowell Loop. Do NOT turn there. Continue on Rilinda, turn right on at the second Lowell Loop. I am the 3rd driveway on the left. It is 23362 Lowell Loop. Good state and borough roads all the way in, and driveway is short and flat. As you come to my driveway you will see a large silver Quonset hut just past my driveway, if you go past the Quonset hut, you missed me! For emergency directions, call me 394-6146. ��


Fiber Roving June 2018

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Fiber Roving ~~ June 2018~~ May was a cool month and I found myself inpatient for spring to spring open and fill my eyes, heart and mind with the beauty of spring awakening. I found myself rejoicing in a new way to the beauty of the first greens, like a blush against the dark spruce, washing the land, and then strengthening in color and width as it redefined the contours and textures of the land. Oh, what a beautiful conformation of life spring is! We have much to share on the festival, but first let us confirm our guild meeting. May was our last month at the library until fall. So, for June and July we usually meet at homes, August is usually our Fair month, and of course Sept will be the festival. Oct we will be in the library again. Our next meeting will be on June 16th, at 11:00 at Martha Merry's home in Ridgeway. Many of you know the way, if you don't, when you are coming from Soldotna, take the Kenai Spur Hwy as if you are going to Kenai. As you get to the top of the hill leaving Soldotna, take the first left with the green street sign that says Lancashire. Turn left off the Spur, as you leave the Spur, you will find three (3) roads, take the middle road, there is a small hill/incline, at the top, you will see a two (2) story brown house to the right, follow the driveway on your right to the parking area next to the house. If you are coming from Kenai, just reverse the direction, Lancashire would the last street sign on the right, just before the hill drops you into Soldotna. Or call Martha at 252-5082. She is better on directions. Snacks are always welcome! We are planning to have a relaxed gathering, bring your portable projects, yourself, snacks.Loretta has agreed to be there to help anyone who would like help with rigid heddle looms, bring your loom with you if it is portable. If you have something you would like to share with the group, please come prepared to share, its fun to learn. Now, for the next subject, Fiber Festival! There are somethings we need to start and organize now: Teachers, Vendors, Volunteers, Demonstration and Donations. We would like you to go to the Fireweed Fiber Guild web page to get the applications. We already have some vendor applications in, and we do have a limit of how many vendors we can fit in. First come is the rule. Please remember the festival is promoting Natural Fibers, which is anything from nature: animal fiber, wood, plants, clay, leather, fur (think I got it all) The festival coordinator can turn away a vendor or teacher that does not fit within the guidelines for natural fibers. Teachers: The application will give you basic information and some guidelines. I don't need to re-state them here. I do want to encourage you to teach! It can be 2 hours, 4 hours, or a day. And it can be simple! What you do on a regular basis, may be something another would like to learn, its just a time to share, that is what teaching is all about, sharing what you enjoy doing. So, you are saying, I've never taught, soooooo? Why not begin? Teaching is giving a gift of knowledge and skill to another. Start small, set your class size small, like five people. Share what you know, beginning spinning, beginning knitting, or crocheting. Is there a special technique you have learned, share folks! We need the applications as soon as possible so we can schedule you into the time slot that works best for you. It also allows us to advertise your class so people can sign up for it. Lets do it folks, there are so many talented people in this guild, share your skills, make some money and increase the fiber skills in our community. Contact info for submitting is on the application. Vendors: Again, the applications and some guidelines are on the web page. We did raise the rates a bit, and they are still below the average for an event. I strongly recommend you partner with another person, makes it more cost effective, and allows booth coverage for potty breaks. One booth is 8 x10 feet. Since many who come may not be fiber artists, items that sell best are often finished items and yarns, but that does not eliminate a need for roving or batts, its just a smaller audience. Again, we do have limited space, so please get your applications in ASAP. First come is the rule. Contact info for submitting is on the application. It is noted in the application, but a reminder, all vendors are requested to have a demo going on at your booth. Make it simple, it will bring people to your booth, you can be doing needle felting, and explain how and why it works, and give them a bit of wool to needle felt on a sponge and they can take that with them. People love hands-on experiences, especially when they have children. Volunteers: A festival needs many hands to work, and we need committed volunteers to make it happen. It's a chance to help out, it will be designated shifts, so you will not be tied down for a full day, and it will be important. We want to do 4 hour shifts, we hope to have 2 volunteers per shift (bathroom breaks), and someone to visit with (ask a friend to do it with you, or take the opportunity to meet someone new). This is mainly to cover the information/raffle table as people enter, answer questions, and sell raffle tickets etc.(you can be working on projects as you staff the table) We also need committed volunteers for set-up on Friday and break-down and clean up on Sunday. We also need floaters, volunteers that move amongst the attendees, vendors, and teachers and help out as needed. So, do we need volunteers? YES ! can we count on you, Of course, so email me now, so you have first pick on the shift and job you want its going to be fun, you'll have an important job to do, you'll be hanging out and helping out. What an opportunity to be part of a fiber event, and we can all take credit for our success because we all took part in making it happen!! Demonstrations: We have traditionally had a circle of spinners (volunteers ) in the center. We will continue that circle and we would like to add to it. Would you like to do a demonstration within the circle, other than spin. So spinners take a break, and we are open for a short demonstration. Topic will have to fit within festival guidelines, be related to natural fiber crafts/skills/knowledge and able to demonstrate to a group, which would most likely be those people attending the festival. Again, the more hands-on/inter-active you present, the better outcome. If you want to do a demonstration, please let me know. Donations for raffle: I'm sure you realize, we have to raise funds to pay for the upfront costs for the festival. Our biggest up-front costs are space rental, event insurance, and advertising. There is a way you can help. If you could donate one finished product that we can raffle off at the event. The items will be displayed at the information table, and you are encouraged to attach your business card to the item. This is one more chance for you to support the festival and be part of applauding our collective success. Wow, this is one of the longest newsletters I have done in a long while!! A lot to pass on. I was checking through my files, and found a Fiber Roving done in Jan of 2011, think its one of the first,.hmmm, that's a while ago!...........Remember, June 16 at 11:00 at Martha Merry's home! Lee

Fiber Roving May 2018

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Fiber Roving

May 2018


Well hello all, I am late on this newsletter because I had to go to Anchorage for eye surgery, two cataracts have been removed and I can now see to drive without glasses!!!!!Happy Day! Time to celebrate and do a dance!! I need non-prescription reading glasses and that is it!! So I do have a bit of an excuse for being late on this newsletter 

The important thing is that our next meeting is on May 19, 2018 from 11:00 to 1:00, at the Soldotna Library Community Room, 1st door on the right as you enter the library. This will be our last meeting at the library until fall. We will be meeting at homes during the summer months, and usually try to do something special. We have one offer of dyeing, but we need the plants to grow first. Would you like to teach/share something special?? Do you have an idea for something you would like to learn?? Bring your ideas and suggestions to the next meeting!

On a separate note, on some of the south facing trees, the buds are green. A bit of green color peeking through the browns and reds of early spring, it makes my heart sing! For some reason this year, I have been impatient for spring, looking out over the rolling hills of the Kasilof River valley, I have seen the red tint on the birch branches, and have been searching diligently for that first blush of green, those first leaf buds opening…and they have begun, so be it, life renews once more, the cycle continues.

See you on the 19th! Lee

Remember the Festival, are you creating your beautiful work for sale?? I know its spring, but evenings are still good times to create beauty! ��


Fiber Roving April 2018

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Fiber Roving

April 2018

In-spite of the snow fall, wind and then hail last night, it is becoming spring on the Peninsula. My critters have known for awhile, the geese responded first, wandering about over snow pack and ice, begging on the deck for treats, finding every snow melt puddle to bath in, and just trumpeting their joy of a new season. My old cat, 16 now, has been scooting outside hoping to find fresh greens, and just sniffing the earth awakening. The dogs are enjoying the warmth of the sun, even on the snow, and of course the goats are more playful, butting, running and being just plain silly.

I have been teaching a small spinning class through Community Schools, and as one student describes it, we have new “fiber monsters” to join our guild, they are enthusiastic about the craft we love, FIBER

Our next meeting will be on the 3rd Saturday of the month, which is April 21st at the Soldotna Public Library in the community room, first door on the right as you enter the library. This will be a social gathering this month, bring your projects, snacks if you feel like it, and join the many conversations. If you have been working on a special or unique project and would like to share with the group, please do! Our business meetings are usually short, and we have the rest of the time to visit! FUN See you at 11:00 and we can stay until 1:00, come join your fellow fiber enthusiasts on April 21st.

I know spring is in the air, but things are still too frozen to do many outside projects, so join us on the 21st!!

I have a notice from Sharon H. from the MatSu fiber retreat, but it’s a bit long for our newsletter, so I’ll forward it to you separately.

Happy Spring to all,


This couple will travel to the Peninsula to shear if they have enough interest. They have a flock in the Interior, and have been shearing there for a while….possible resource for you, please contact them directly if interested.

Andrew Hamlin of Fairbanks travels across Alaska shearing sheep. Last year he sheared over 400 sheep! If there is enough interest to bring him to the Peninsula we can schedule a trip. Rates are $15/sheep, $20/goat, $40/alpaca, $3/head hooves. Large flock discounts available


Text 907-590-8630


Fiber Roving March 2018

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Fiber Roving
March 2018

February has flown by in record time for me, and I had a real treat today. I served as one of the judges for the 4H Presentation Day. I was fortunate to be judging the 3rd, 4th & 5th grade 4Hers, many presenting for the first time. These are 9, 10, & 11 years old. I have done this before, and they always pair you with another judge. As usual, I was very impressed by these 4Hers, their family support and the degree of preparation they had put into their presentations. These young people are developing skills now they can use for a life time….and some of them are so darn cute about it!

We have had our second Saturday meeting, with another good turn out, and fun! We had 4 carders, there was lots of different types of fiber and accents to play with, so after our business meeting, fiber was flying! Those not making batts were working on other projects and visiting, it was a fun gathering.

Our meeting was short, as usual, Monti gave a brief financial report, and Nancy Fields, the new coordinator for the festival made some announcements related to the festival. We also asked for volunteers for the festival committee, and members joined into the effort. If you want to be on the committee and work with Nancy, let her know, this is a big job, all hands are welcome.

If you have not gotten the info yet, the Fireweed Fiberfest is Sept 29 & 30,2018 and will be at the Soldotna Sports Arena off K-Beach Rd. Close to town, should be great for community participation which will help the vendors, the teachers, and our own fiber community.

Our next meeting will be the 3rd Saturday of March, the 17th, from 11:00 to 1:00 at the Soldotna Library. Yes, yes, its St Paddy’s Day, a big holiday for my family, so I challenge everyone to bring snacks that are green, natural or otherwise, be creative folks ��

We have some special projects for this meeting. Loretta is going to bring some hands-on projects we can do for fundraising and fun. And we have a guest from J&H, Diane, who wants to share with us a technique with yarn that she is excited about. Should be a fun learning time. Bring your own projects or join in the joint effort, or do both, why not?

See you all on the 17 at 11:00, its fun having a larger participation and some activities to spark our imagination….



Carol has some critters to sell; she takes good care of her animals, but needs to downsize a bit, please call or text her at 907-690-1106

We have a white mixed breed Newhsmpshire/southdown ewe for sale. $150

There is a white Icelandic ram for sale. $200

We also have 2 wethered goats. They are mixed breed, one was bottle fed and very