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FFG BOD Meeting 7/20/2019

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Fireweed Fiber Guild Board of Directors Meeting July 20, 2019 Meeting called to order at 10 am with 5 members present. Treasurer???s report: Balance as of 7/20/19= $2,566.34 Old Business: There was a problem with a non-member taking tote bags to sell to non-members at large. Bags were sold at $15 each, but as of this date no monies have been turned over to the guild. It was agreed that non-members would be limited to only 5 bags if they want to sell them for us. New Business: Tote Bags: It was suggested, by Monti, that we have markers available at meetings and the FiberFest for decorating the bags by individuals. And Kathy suggested to have our guild business cards put in each bag. FiberFest: Booth assignments will be assigned by Monti. We will have a kid???s corner for activities for youth. A possible chalk footprint path leading out to the animals was discussed. Clarification of natural fiber required in finished product was talked about and it was decided to change the 75% to 50%. Next BOD meeting will be Oct 19, 2019 Meeting adjourned at 11:00am Submitted, Kathy Morey BOD secretary

Fiber Roving July 2019

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Fiber Roving~~July 2019~~ Heat has been hard on me, I am just not use to it, and I have really seen it in the critters. The goats usually go through 30 gals of water a day, they are going through 60 gals of water! Luckily I have a hose to fill their tank in the summer. Everyone is seeking shade and any breeze that comes by, Sadie, one of my Pyrenees like to hide in the house. The old man Galen, seems OK finding shade outside. The geese seek shade under the trees and the goats move around the pen depending on where the sun is, they do have shade amongst the trees too. I find it hard to work outside for too long, then I go to the house for a cooling down, drinking lots of water, hope you are too. The drop to the 70s was nice after the 4th, but we are suppose to be up to the 80s for a few more days, so take care & stay cool! Our next meeting is July 20, 2019, same place and time, Soldotna Library at 11:00am to 1:00, bring your projects and join us. I have got a lot of processed cashmere right now. Some people think cashmere is hard to spin, its really not. So I will bring cashmere with me on the 20th, and if you would like to try this awesome fiber, bring your wheel and we can do a little sampling and teaching with cashmere. Please remember the FLOWERS, we made a commitment to make flowers to decorate the Boys and Girls Club garden. Kathy recommended we use acrylics since they would hold up longer in weather. You can take them to the B&G Club in Kenai or bring them to the next meeting on July 20th, a promise to a child should be kept, we all have scraps of yarn that would make great flowers! For those that were not at the last meeting, we do have our guild bags, 12.00 for members, 15.00 for non-members. The design is simple, matches our guild banner, it is black & white, but begs for some added color using fabric markers, which will make each unique to the owner.

Fireweed Guild Minutes June 2019

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Fireweed Fiber Guild, 6/15/2019 Minutes~~~ Meeting was called to order at 11:00 with 14 members present. ~~ Old Business: Discussion of where monies for class registration for the Fireweed FiberFest should be sent. It was decided they should be sent to Nancy until further notice. Guild tote bags are in, and can be purchased for $12.00 for members and $15.00 for non-members. New Business:~~ Cladette spoke of a dying workshop she attended at John Campbell Folk school. She is also, gathering up sponsors for the FiberFest. So far, J&H, Mountain Mamas, Artsy Junkin???. Introduction of new members: Yolanda, Abby, Debra, and Leslie. Kate Wathum was down from Fairbanks to pick up fiber to take back for processing. Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 After the meeting, Linda Price gave a demonstration on blending fiber.~~~ Submitted by. Kathy Morey BOD Secretary

Fiber Roving June 2019

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Fiber Roving~~June 2019~~~I feel like I am buried in spring projects outside without enough time to get them done, but it is spring/summer in Alaska, always lots to do. The wonderful weather this past weekend kept me outside moving from one project to the next, but the list doesn???t seem to be getting any shorter! I did take the goats for a browsing walk-about. It was their first walk this year, and they got a bit crazy, trying to eat, explore, and just run about, a bit of spring fever and fun for them. Try ???walking??? 17 goats with some order, oh well, it was good exercise for them and me, and they got fresh spring greens. It is educational to watch what they pick to eat. Had a good meeting last month, I have included our secretary, Kathy M.???s minutes for your information. We did have a discussion on educational topics, Linda P. had volunteered to teach blending of fibers for spinning, She said she has an abundance of regular fiber, but would like some dyed or special fibers/accents to blend with the regular fibers to make a interesting finished product for spinning. It should be fun, so bring your interesting/unique bits and pieces to the meeting to add to the basics for some fun outcomes! And bring your own projects too. Our next meeting is June 15, at 11:00 at the Soldotna Library, third Saturday of the month, in the community room, first door on your right as you enter the library, lots of room, so come and join us. We also voted on the canvas totes for the Guild, decision was made, MaryAnn D. (BOD) is taking care of the order as directed by the members present. It will have our new guild logo on it, should be nice. Kathy also introduced a project we can do on our own and contribute to the community. The Boys and Girls Club needs flowers (crochet, knitted, felted or?) to decorate their community garden fence. Kathy recommended we use non-natural fiber since it will last longer out in the weather. Fun idea, bring your flowers to the next meeting and we can give them to Kathy to be delivered as a bunch of blooms! ???? Well, guess that is enough from me this month, see you on the 15th, Lee

Fireweed Guild Minutes May 2019

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Fireweed Fiber Guild 5/18/2019 Minutes Meeting called to order at 11:15 with 10 members present. Old Business: Tote bags???Maryann presented prices and it was agreed by all to purchase the large bags at $6.15 per bag (cost of $307.50 for 50 bags). Bags will be available to members for $12 and non-members for $15. New Business: Kathy brought up an idea to work with the Boys and Girls Club to accent their community garden by crocheting, knitting or felting flower to donate for the children to decorate the fence at the garden. Flowers can be dropped off at the Club (ask for Ronie), or contact Kathy at 513-1731. Our next meeting will be on June 15th at the library and will be a demonstration/class on ???blending fiber???. Linda Price has offered to show us all the tricks and let us have a try. Possible class in July???felted soap. It was suggested that we all make our own nametags to wear at the meetings or whenever we gather. With so many new members, it will help keep track of who???s who. Meeting adjourned at 11:55

Fiber Roving May 2019

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Fiber Roving~~May 2019~~ Well shearing is done for one more year. Everyone is running about looking bear-naked, and honestly kind of funny. All are dancing on newly trimmed hoofs, and have been de-bugged too. So happy, I hope, but its done. Could not do it without the whole fam-damily, as my father used to say. Elijah and Sarah did the shearing, Alexus caught the fleece and bagged it, Oliver and I did the hoofing, and Keegan was in charge of the gates, and helped us catch the goats. We set-up in a new area, and that helped. But now into spring/summer clean-up from the winter, raking, pickin up stuff that was buried under the snow, just the usual spring work, and add the animal mess! Our Next Meeting: May 18, 2019 at 11:00 am at the Soldotna Library, See you there!! But on to other Guild Business ???? Last month three members presented fiber for a preschool children???s group at the Kenai Public Library, MaryAnn, Lisa and Linda were the Guild member who presented. It is always good to be out in the community promoting our art, fiber, and it creates interest in the craft, the Guild, and our Festival, as well as the 4H Fiber Club, the Fuzzy Wuzzys. By the way, that name was created by the original members of the 4H Club, who are now all adults (wow). But there is another chapter to this presentation by our three members. We got a response on facebook, and it is worth sharing: Hello! My name is Belinda, and I teach second grade at Mountain View Elementary school. My students just completed a reading unit on the story, ???There???s a Goat in My Rug!??? And as a culminating activity, we made cardboard looms, and they got to weave their very own rug. I???ve heard wonderful thing about a presentation that ladies from your group gave on spinning and weaving at the kenai library. I???m really hoping that in the future (even if that means next year....) you might be willing to come to my classroom to present to my students. There are a couple other classes (2nd grade as well) that just completed the same unit, and I know that they would be highly interested as well. Thank you so much for your consideration and feel free to contact me via Facebook or my number is 252-2233." What a compliment to our presenters, and what a great opportunity for the Guild. With my work schedule, its hard for me to participate, but hopefully there will be additional volunteers to add to the efforts of the first team so that requests like these can be responded to. I am hoping the BOD can establish an Education & Outreach committee so that we can respond to any request and share what we know with others. This can build support for the Guild and 4H membership and helps us get positive support and participation for our Festival, a win/win situation for sure. Can a BOD member call Belinda?

Fireweed Guild Minutes

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Fireweed Fiber Guild Meeting 4/20/2019 Minutes Meeting was called to order at 11:00 with 9 members present. Old Business: More discussion on the purchasing of tote bags with Guild logo. These will be available for members to purchase, a price of $10 for members was advised. It was decided that dues will be due October 1, due to the high volume of new members who sign up at the FiberFest. FiberFest dates this year will be September 28th and 29th, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was suggested as the best day for classes. New Business: It was discussed and decided that there should be a ???Finished Product??? display at the FiberFest. This would show the end product of working with wool and fiber. Show & Tell: Karen: Makes knitted bears with handspun yarn for sale at the Saturday market Nancy: Shared the children???s book she wrote Marilyn: Shared the socks she made from Jane???s yarn Marti: Shared felted soap balls, using her own handmade soap Kathy: Newest tapestry weaving Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 Respectfully submitted Kathy Morey BOD Secretary

FFG BOD Meeting 4/20/2019

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Fireweed Fiber Guild Board of Directors Meeting April 20, 2019 Meeting was called to order at 10:10 with 4 members present and 1 visitor, Nancy Field(FiberFest chairman) Monti presented the treasurer???s report with $2407.82 as of 4/20/2019 Meeting was called to order at 10:10 with 4 members present and 1 visitor, Nancy Field(FiberFest chairman) Monti presented the treasurer???s report with $2407.82 as of 4/20/2019 Old Business: Discussion on FiberFest dates, with decision on Saturday and Sunday (Sept 28th and Sept 29th) with set up on Friday, Sep 27th. Followup needed to confirm setup times. Dues: membership dues will be due on Oct 1 each year, this is due to new members signing up at the Festival. New Business: Guild Tote Bags will be purchased and available for sale to guild members and the public; prices to be determined. Carol offered to check on the shipping costs. Cost of bags is $6.15 ea when purchased in a 50 bag lot. Bags will be a heavy canvas. A guild mailbox for all correspondence was brought up and approved, but, cost needs to be researched. More FiberFest discussion : 1. A finished product display to show what can result in using fiber in different ways. Where should the display be? 2. FiberFest costs: approximately $2400. 3. Free advertising: KSRM , Chamber of Commerce Events, Internet(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). Meeting was adjourned at 10:50. Respectfully submitted, Kathy Morey Secretary

Fiber Roving April 2019

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Fiber Roving ~ April 2019~~~ Spring is here, the snow has almost completely melted, except in the heavily shaded places, my geese have been so happy with a wide variety of puddles to splash and play in. Had a visitor last night that upset them, their odd honking alerted me, it was late evening, and when I went to check on them an immature goshawk was sitting close to a new nest, I yelled, waved my arms, the dog barked and he was gone in a flash. They are laying and trying to determine where to try next. Always a bit of shifting before they settle on their final choice for their nest. No males, just four determined females. They each have individual personalities; I enjoy visiting with them and watching their antics. Next weekend we are shearing (family is helping again), hope it???s a bit drier, still muddy out in the paddock area. I did get my blades and cutters sent out and sharpened, so hopefully it will make for a smoother job for both the shearer and the goat. As we shear, we hoof, shear and de-louse all at once. This April 20th our meeting will be at the Soldotna Library again, same time 11:00. I look forward to this time together but will be in a two-day herbal class this month and will miss our gathering. But I am sure it will be fun, a good social time to share ideas, new discoveries, successes and challenges in our fiber endeavors. Maryann has confirmed our presence at the Kenai Library for the Preschool Story Time/Readers & Leaders on April 24th at 10:30. It is posted as special guests, the Fireweed Fiber Guild with MaryAnn Dyke, Lisa Lambert and Linda Price. They will demonstrate weaving & spinning. If anyone else wants to volunteer for this, please contact Maryann. This is a great educational event for us as a Guild, with preschoolers, the parents will be present too! Another piece of news, as some of you with large livestock know, Jerry Nybakken, our large animal veterinary has been sick for some time and will not be returning to his practice. A group of local large animal people have been working to find a large animal vet to serve the central peninsula area, Homer has a large animal vet, we do not. Dr Christine Marlowe and her family are willing to move to Alaska. On Saturday, May 4th, there will be a Meet and Greet from 10:00 to 2:00. This will be held at Ridgeway Farms at 5220 Strawberry Rd., Kenai, AK. They are asking you to Please Come By and meet Christine Marlowe. This event is hosted by Ridgeway Farms, Kenai Peninsula Backcountry Horsemen, Kenai Feed & Livestock Supply, G&S Construction and Apple Bus Company. Well, guess that is all my news this month. I walk around outside and see a lot of work to be done, clean up from winter wood piles, and stuff around the animal pens, and in their pens, and that isn???t even cleaning the manure from the barn. Oh, the fun of being a small farmer. I am sure you have all noticed and are enjoying the longer days! Living in Kasilof and working in Soldotna, I now must drive to Kenai to get to Soldotna. Sterling Hwy is completely closed at MP 106 to 107, for 1 week. So, all of us south of MP 107 can now double our travel to work and take KBeach to Kenai, and then to Soldotna. At least it is a very scenic road, and I can watch the mountains on the West Side of the Inlet. Have any of you noticed the blush of red on the birch trees? Happens just before they start budding out!! BIG smile time ???? Lee

Fireweed Guild Minutes

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Fireweed Fiber Guild Meeting 3/16/2019 Minutes Fireweed Fiber Guild meeting came to order at 11:00 am with 14 members present, including 4 new members, Bonnie Morad, Marti Anderson, Shirley Wooley, and Sue Sloan. Introductions were made all around. Bonnie and Marti expressed interest in weaving and Lisa Lambert, offered a possible class. Old Business: Discussion of preparations for the FiberFest. Including the need for volunteers and promotion. New Business: Lee suggested a new Logo for the Fiber Guild and showed her ideas. It was voted that the guild should adopt the new design. There was also, discussion on purchasing bags with logos, more research to be done, and will be discussed at next meeting. Maryann told us the Kenai Library has a ???Readers & Leaders??? program on 4/24 at 10:30-11:30 and we need volunteers to participate (will need a carder, spinner, & weaver). Also, ???Caring for the Kenai??? has a program to help promote the fiberarts and fiber animal care, suggested a $50-$75 donation. Ideas for possible upcoming classes: Making felted soap, cleaning raw fiber, making felted shoes with a mold, blending fibers on a carder, and weaving. Meeting was then concluded, and members were free to work on projects and visit. Respectfully submitted, Kathy Morey BOD secretary