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Fiber Roving October 2020

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Fiber Roving

Oct 2020


The colors this Fall have been exquisitely beautiful to my eyes, especially looking out over the valley I sit above on a small ridge. As I drive into town, I realize the leaves are leaving the trees, coloring the ground below and leaving some trees striped and bare. They stand like stark skeletons against the standing gold and yellow of neighboring trees. Fall is fading and we are preparing for a new season, winter.

My time has been outside trying to get all things right for the coming darkness, cold and snow. Many little details to remember and address.

One of my elder ladies has died. She lost weight, her reflexes slowed, and even when I isolated her, she had no strength left, yet hang on for what seemed like a long time( a week). I made her comfortable, was supportive, and yet she took her time. Goats have done this before with me. They are hardy critters, stubborn, and like some humans, its hard to say to goodbye. She will be missed in the herd. More then half my herd is in the senior/elder category, and with the coming winter it will put more of them at risk. It is part of having livestock, birth, death and all the life in-between. It is a cycle I have loved and celebrated for over 45 years now….and is why I am late with this newsletter, she just passed this week, her name was Io, named after a carter on the moon. Her family line was all named around that theme.

Our next Meeting will be Oct 17 at 11:00, and thanks to Nancy Field’s generosity, we will have her new office space to meet at. It is an open space and allows for physical distancing and we encourage you to wear a mask if that is what you do……For this meeting please bring a project you have recently completed to share with us, we all need inspiration! We also need instructors, yes members its you! We each have skills and by sharing we can all grow in knowledge, inspiration and maybe new skills!! Let’s make it a creative and challenging winter of fun learning together…. you may volunteer to teach/share or be volunteered�� Let me know what you want to share and in which month & I can post it in the newsletter.

I still have purple poppies blooming! They are the tall ones with big blooms.

Take care of yourself, be safe and be creative, its in your nature!! See you on the 17, Lee ��




Fiber Roving September 2020

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Fiber Roving

September 2020

We are gently falling into fall with cooler evenings and shorter days. To my surprise and delight my dwarf rose bush poppies are still blooming and sharing their beauty with all. I have met a member of our environment for the first time this fall, a bit scary due to its size. I am told they are more prevalent because of the trees being cut due to beetle kill. It is a wood wasp and they are huge!!

I am feeling the need to winterize and close the place in preparation for winter. Tuck all the corners in, organize all outside stuff, cut the grass one last time, feed the plants before their winter sleep and so forth and so on. Its part of the ritual of fall and life.

My pup continues to grow, prefers to be outside most the time, and despite his size is still a big cuddly boy. My old girl, Sadie is slowing down some and showing her age. I see her as a dignified lady, which she never was when younger. Two of my geese are nearly 10 now, and doing well, they can live into their teens.

It is sad to not be doing the festival this year. But with so many unknowns with this virus, it was a realistic decision.

Since we are not doing the festival, we will be having a meeting! Happy Day! We have been blessed with 3 months of sunshine for our summer meetings at Soldotna Creek Park, that has been nice. The weather is changing, and we reached out to Nancy Field and asked if we could use her new office space and she said yes!!

Sooooo…Meeting is September 19 (3rd Sat of the month) we begin at 11:00 and will go from there…as usual, bring your current project to work on, if you have any projects you have completed bring to share and inspire us. The meetings are fun when we have a presenter. Please let our president Linda know if you would like to share/ present/teach us during our winter months. It could be an idea, it could be some new resources or skills you have discovered, or whatever; surprise us and let us make this a fun winter of learning and sharing with each other.

Location: Two story new gray business office directly behind the State Farm Office off the Kenai Spur Hwy in Soldotna. You can see it from the Spur Hwy, it is easy to find…we have met there before. The space is nice and open, we have enough space to respect social distancing and still socialize.

I also have a large list of activities through the Kenai & Homer S&W Conservation Districts. There is also a fiber retreat notice I received. I will forward both to all of you separately since they are too long to include in the newsletter.

See you on the 19th around 11:00, Lee 



Fiber Roving July 2020

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Fiber Roving

July 2020

The busy summer season is here for Alaska. It has changed. There are fewer tourists, less traffic, which some count as a blessing. The other side of this is that many Alaskan residents and businesses need the tourist income to make it through the long winter months in Alaska. So, support our local business as much as possible.


On a much lighter note, Caleb, my Great Pyrenees pup turned 1year on July 4th, easy birth date to remember! He is a sweet guy but forgets how big he is and still wants to sit in my lap in the recliner!!


It has been a nice mix of weather this summer, lots of beautiful sunshine days, I just feel we need more rain, see it in the plants & my small lawn. We are suppose to get some this week.


Hay is being harvested, the gardens are growing, and the fish are running, its summertime for sure.


Many felt a need to connect and we did last month at Soldotna Creek Park. We didn’t plan a spot but ended up at the far end from the stage, near the gas station. Everyone agreed to try the same for July. Again, it is dependent on weather, rain means no meeting. So, on July 18, 2020 at 11:00 we will meet at Soldotna Creek Park near the gas station end. Bring a chair or blanket to sit on. Bring your current project. We will do social distancing, and masks are encouraged. It was nice to see everyone in person, and share some of the projects people are working on.


Following is a message received by Kathy M. and she wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to see it.


Hi everyone!


My name is Abby and I work with Calypso Farm, one of the organizations who helps put on the annual Fairbanks Fiber Festival.


The Fiber Fest committee has decided that the 2020 festival will take place online this year, in order to protect the health and wellness of the Fairbanks community. We're continuing to work through the details of how this will work, but we're excited to create an array of online opportunities such as a virtual vendor marketplace, online workshops, etc.


That being said, we're trying to gather information now to see who might be interested in participating in the Festival this year - virtually.


Would you be interested in selling online this fall as part of the Fiber Festival? If so, are you already set up to do online sales (we could just link to your existing site) or would you be interested having help setting up an online sales platform?


We're just trying to get a read right now on how we'll move forward, so if you'd be interested in something else such as an online workshop, demo, etc - please let me know. Thanks for any information you can provide! We are also happily taking suggestions and we will keep you up to date as we have more information!



Hope we can meet again in July. Take care, hope for a sunshine day, and we will gather at 11:00 at the Park….Lee 





Fiber Roving August 2020

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Fiber Roving

August 2020

This is August the month of our local fair, which I began to attend as an exhibitor in the mid-70s. This year there will be no local or state fair. This year we are trying to make safe choices, wear masks and use social distancing. It is the first year I have not missed the Fair since 1975.

We will not gather as Guild at the Ninilchik Fair to share our craft with our communities, exhibit our fiber arts and encourage new members to join. This year is different in many ways! More people I talk to are experiencing a growing sense of isolation on both a casual and community level. The informal meetings and greetings of living in small communities on the Peninsula has become limited, especially for those high-risk groups due to age and health.

It is a time, to make the extra effort to call someone on the phone. Meet in public outdoor spaces where social distancing can happen. Reach out to friends and neighbors and say “hi, I’m still here, how are you doing?” Now more than any other time we need each other, we just need to be creative in how we do it. As fiber artists, we are creative, we just need to re-direct some of our creativity to a new direction.

Along that line, our next Guild Meeting will be on August 15, at the Soldotna Creek Park, at the end closest to the gas station and away from the stage and pavilion. Bring your own chair or blanket, bring your current projects to work on and we can catch up with each other a bit. We are still meeting at

11: 00 am…meeting is dependent on weather. We have been lucky the last two month, so maybe we will be blessed with another sunny day.

All is well on the farm. I fell off my deck 3 weeks ago and have been on crutches. I am doing much better now. I sprained my foot, nothing broken, just a swollen foot. I can now navigate flat areas without a crutch for short distances!! Happy Day! My kids and grandkids have been wonderful, coming down and feeding the animals for me every night, and none of them live close to me. I am blessed.

Take care of yourself, have some fun, be creative in whatever way you feel like, and hopefully we can meet on August 15, I know just a few days away, but as always, it’s the 3rd Saturday of the month.




Fiber Roving June 2020

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Fiber Roving


June 2020


It is raining. I am so glad. We have had rain, but much has been short. We needed a long, deep soaking rain, we are getting it now, and are predicted to get more tomorrow. I am grateful, my little piece of land has been thirsty.


Goats hate the rain, they do not have the wonderful lanolin of sheep that can shed water. They just absorb it and seek shelter when it is raining.


It has been three months since we have had a meeting and I miss the gathering and sharing we do at meetings. I miss the inspiration I get from other fiber artists.


Some like minds have come up with an idea and it has the support of the BOD. We are figuratively going to “circle the wagons” on June 20th at Soldotna Creek Park. We don’t have a reserved spot, we are just going to park our vehicles, bring a chair or blanket and create a circle on the grass. Bring your wheel or your project, physical distancing will be observed and masks are encouraged. Being outside is the safest place to meet and what a beautiful spot to be at. It will be at our usual time; 11 to 1:00.


Kathy’s been cleaning out her craft area and will be bringing things to buy, sell or trade and encourages others to do the same. We can put a blanket on the grass and display the goodies.


Also, Kathy would like to remind everyone that there is a member only For Sale space on the Fireweed Fiber Guild Facebook page. This is free if you are a paid member, photos encouraged.


It is with sadness that I include this email from Kathy. She has been a long-time supporter & organizer of the Guild, set up our web page and face-book and continues to manage them. She has also been our secretary, keeping meeting notes which are required under our 501c3 status.


“After much deliberation, I have come to the decision that I must step down as board member and secretary of BOD. My reasons are of a personal nature and do not reflect on the Board or the Guild. When a new secretary is elected or appointed, I will be happy to turn over my "folder". I will still be active updating the webpage and Facebook page, but if someone wants to take that over, that is fine also. “




Kathy Morey



Hope to see some of you on the 20th at around 11:00. If it is raining the meeting is cancelled. Lee

Fiber Roving May 2020

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Fiber Roving

May 2020

We begin the month of May with the hope of spring, yet with the changed world we live in due to COVID-19. As Alaskans we are trying to slowly re-open our state. As a senior with good health, and some minor health concerns, I am glad we are going slowly.

Not only do we have health concerns, but economic concerns statewide. Tourism is a big part of our economy in Alaska. There will have an impact on many.

Sounds a bit gloomy, yet outside the natural world is painting its usual beautiful spring HURRAH!! I am enjoying the warmth of the sun, the longer days, and the new growth on the land everywhere.

Kathy M. notified me of the BOD decision to NOT have a meeting in May. The library is still closed, other options were considered, and the final decision was to wait until June and then we can hopefully have a safer and more enjoyable meeting. The June date for our regular meeting is June 20th, the third Saturday of the month.

This silly little sheep reminds me of how I feel some days. I am working from home on some days and in the office one day a week. I miss the contact with the community at my job, and the community at large. I spend a lot of time at home. I am not completely alone; there are 15 cashmere goats, four geese, and two dogs to keep me company. I have one silly goat that likes to lick my face. I have raised some type of goat for 40 plus years and have never had that happen. I also have a 9-mo. old Great Pyrenees pup that is both a joy and a challenge. Three of the geese are nesting, the fourth is just not sure.


I hear the cranes call as they fly over. I have seen and heard the wild geese honking as they fly over in formation, and the songbirds have returned. So many signs and sounds of spring surround us. So many reasons to celebrate new beginnings, rebirth, and a time of renewal, its spring.


Let us all hope that this renewal of the land will lift our spirits and allow us to celebrate life. We need to support each other. Even with social distancing, and masks, we can still connect. Make a phone call. Smile and wave at your neighbor across the road. Send a text or email…we need each other more then ever now. People to people we can learn, we can grow, and later we can gather again in person.


Please take of yourself, as creative fiber artists, use that creativity to create beauty in your world in all forms…. See you in June…Lee ��


Fiber Roving April 2020

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Fiber Roving

April 2020

Well, it is unusual times we are in, and I hope you are taking sensible precautions so as not to spread this illness to family and friends. My adult children have been a bit assertive and very helpful. I am fortunate that I can continue to work at home. Unfortunately many do not have this advantage and I am very grateful.

Needless to say a group meeting for the Guild will not happen in the month of April 2020…sorry folks. Your health and life is more important, just take care of yourself please. This decision is per the BOD.

Kathy M., had a good idea and wanted me to share it with you.

“Hope everyone is well and dealing with being isolated. Like many of you, I have been re-organizing my studio/craft space and am finding things I forgot I had and now will probably never use! So…I’ve been thinking, when this is all over, and it will be one day, maybe we should have a “sell and swap” meet or maybe a guild yard sale to make money for the Guild or the FiberFest, meet or maybe a guild yard sale to make money for the Guild or the FiberFest. Something to think about while we are stuck alone with all this yarn and fiber! Be well my fellow fiberistas… Please send you feedback to: [email protected]  --Kathy"

I started a project, before the virus, and it’s a good thing to consider if you are staying home. When I moved to my current home, I had a ton of files! They are still in my shop, house is too small. I am sorting and throwing the majority (99%), most the info is on the computer now.

What about other things to do to reduce your clutter? Clothing of course…how many jackets do I need? How many do I actually use? When was the last time you wore that necklace? That is true of many things. Your craft stuff first & how about old craft magazines? Other magazines? And then, look at tools…duplications? We have tools as craft-persons, and I have tools for the garden, and home maintenance, how many screwdrivers of the same size and type should I have?? The list can go on. Start with your crafts and keep going folks….could be a very interesting “sell-swap/yard sale” event.

Some friends and I have set up a weekly zoom meeting, same time and day each week, it really helps. Zoom is a free app on phone or computer, and you can do video, so we can actually see each other while visiting, that really helps me.

Hey guys, each of you is a unique human, there is only one of you, so for that reason alone you are precious to me! Please make good choices and take good care yourself…�� Lee


Fiber Roving March 2020

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Fiber Roving

March 2020

It was early in the morning, still dark out, dogs had been out to take care of business. Sadie was back in, seven month old Caleb was still outside. Caleb’s bark became more intense, I looked at the side windows to see a large moose cow on my deck! Caleb had enough sense to go to the front door, and she followed him around the deck as I quickly let him in the door. HELLO, want to wake up completely fast… I did!

Our snow is deeper than it has been in a few years. This was a young cow, possibly 3 years old or so. Food is a bit harder to find in some areas this time of year, especially with the deeper snow and I have hay. I have this young cow hanging about and an older cow with a yearling calf too. They have managed to get into my hay barricade twice now. Hay is not good for them, and I can not afford to feed them. They have also been into the goat pen, their droppings are there. If startled, they could easily step on one of the goats and kill them. My fencing is four & half feet tall & they can still step over that especially with our snow pack.

The three hanging around here seem to have very little fear of humans. I have been within ten feet throwing things, yelling at them, waving my arms, making big noises and with limited impact. My dogs are both herd guardian dogs. They might bark at a moose, but they will not chase or run at them. Moose are not predators, therefore the dogs do not need to protect me or the livestock against them. (big help guys, and I am very glad they don’t chase moose)

Well, it’s still snowing, and to be honest, I am very tried of shoveling snow, yes it keeps me in shape, BUT I am ready for spring, even with the mess of break-up!

Our next meeting is March 21st at 11:00 at the Soldotna Library, community room, first door on your right as you enter the library. We have the space until 1:00 so join us with your projects, your fiber know-how, questions and time to share with others. I enjoy seeing what others are creating, it inspires me or just chatting on general things. Look forward to seeing you on the 21st, Saturday…around 11:00.

Lee ��

Buy/Sell/Trade (we have 190 on this email list)

Have some decent cashmere for sale…19.00 as ounce, 4 natural colors to pick from. Lee/394-6146 evenings only or this email address.

My hay guy has been holding hay for me I won’t be using, 2019 harvest, Good Quality Timothy, Sterling area or can be delivered. Call Calvin Yoder at 953-2303, reasonable rates.

Please let me know if you have something to post, need to know by the first week of the month, thanks��


Fiber Roving February 2020

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Fiber Roving

February 2020

As I walked to the front of my home in the morning darkness, the land outside was lite by the brightness of the moon, casting light over the white landscape, creating shadows and beauty. I love the full moon and the dimension of beauty it adds to our winter, making it truly a winter wonderland.

The warmer weather is a nice relief for me and the critters, yet it creates new challenges, like ice and snow sliding off the roof unto my decks and side porch. I did a lot of shoveling on Sunday and still have more to shovel! It feels more like March then the usual cold Feb, we shall see.

With Feb starting on a Saturday, and being a short month, we are quickly approaching the 3rd Sat of the month, it’s the 15th of Feb, this week folks!! Same time and place, Soldotna Library, 11:00 to 1:00, please join us for some socializing and always some idea sharing.

The Board of Directors met last month (they meet quarterly) They discussed some ideas for classes, lets add to the list! Many of you have special skills related to fiber, you may not consider yourself a teacher, but look at it more like sharing your skills with others, which we do informally all the time. It would be nice to have at least a brief learning experience at each of our meetings. I know it helps me grow in creativity when I can see what others are doing. I may not use the idea directly, but it kicks my creativity up a bit, and I’ll say, ‘ hey, if I did such & such I could do…’ so let us share our rich knowledge & love of fiber and help each other spark our creativity.

Since I am late getting this out, I will keep it short….OK, minutes not attached, couldn’t find them! Will forward them to you when I get them again from Kathy. Have a great day and I will see you Saturday! Lee ��


Spring Farmers Day & Barn Dance

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Kenai Local Food Connection Presents: First Annual Spring Farmers Day & Barn Dance. Saturday, Feb 29, 2020: 2-5 learn & connect; 5-6 food & drink; 6-8 music & dancing. Held at the Ionia Barn in Kasilof. No Cohoe Loop to Tri Road to Denise to Burdock to the Ionia Barn. No phone number provided, might check with the Kenai Local Food Connection :-)