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Fiber Roving December 2019

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Fiber Roving

December 2019

It is early Dec 1st, there was a hard frost last night, and now early in the dark of morning, there is a light snow falling. Oh happy day! My youngest daughter is visiting from New Zealand. Her husband and 3 daughters will be here for the holidays to “experience” a white, snowy Alaskan winter! Oh dear, we sure have not had one, but maybe we will be able to share a white Christmas with them yet if the forecast is correct. Even if I did not have family coming, I am fed up with rain in the winter and very ready for some white stuff on the ground. It brightens the land and creates its own beauty.

It was decided at the last meeting to have meetings every month, except August when we are at the Fair. Martha M. has the space reserved at the library already for 2020.

It was agreed we would have a special December Meeting and Potluck. We will not be at the Library. We will be at Nancy Field’s new office space, behind her current space. The address is 35202 Kenai Spur Hwy, Soldotna. The new office space is directly behind Nancy’s current State Farm Office. It is a two-story metal structure, just drive through the office parking lot, and park in front of the glass doors. (you can easily see it from the Spur Hwy)

Our meeting date is Saturday, Dec 21, 2019 (3rd Sat of the month), it is a Potluck, bring a dish. We start at 11:00 and will close at 1:00. It will be a nice holiday time to share food and socialize, what could be better!

This will also be our last month for the year 2019. In many ways this year has flown by for me, changes and challenges on many levels.

We will soon be celebrating a new year with new beginnings and probably some new challenges too. My hope to all of you, is that you have a wonderful Holiday season, however you decide to celebrate it……Lee ��



This space is free to all paid Guild Members, just let me know by the beginning of each month, thanks.


Fiber Roving November 2019

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Fiber Roving~~November 2019~~Well, I don’t think we would disagree, please some snow! So tired of low, dark, drippy skies and wet, wet everything! The goat pen is a mess, and that is an understatement, its simply UGH! Goats don’t like rain: they have no lanolin like a sheep so they can’t shed the water. So I have some sad critters looking at me like, fix it please…and of course I can’t. They are predicting possible snow early next week, and that is hopeful. This weather affects not only livestock but also the plants and trees. The killing frosts and cold kill many harmful things, it is what this land needs. Its part of our normal cycle. Yes, we do sometimes have mild winters, or periods of warm ups mid-winter, but this does not feel normal to me nor healthy. OMG it is Friday morning, I see blue sky and the sun is peeking out from the clouds. Oh happy day, I am so grateful!!

Our next meeting is Nov 16th, 2019 at 11:00, at the Soldotna Library. The Sports Arena needs our dates now for the 2020 Fiber Festival. Nancy wants a discussion so we can set the date and save it with the City of Soldotna. Please come and join the conversation.

This newsletter and our web page are both great places to sell/trade/buy, BUT you must be a paid Guild Member. If you have fleece, roving, yarn, a loom, or a finished product that you want to sell or trade you can post if you are a paid member. Its only 20.00 a year, pretty affordable, and the newsletter currently goes out to 190 people and who knows how many more check out the web page! That’s a good audience for whatever you want to sell and again its free to Guild members.

Also, if there are changes to your email address, please let me know! Along the same line, if you want to be removed from the newsletter mailing list, please email me. Just takes a minute, we don’t want you missing even one of our newsletters! ��

We will NOT have a meeting in DEC, so this NOV meeting is our Holiday Meeting so to speak. If you feel like it, and have the time, bring some snacks along to share….food is always a good part of any celebration/meeting!

Please find attached minutes from our last meeting thanks to Kathy Morey!


Fireweed Fiber Guild- Summary of meetings



The Board of Directors met at 10am prior to the monthly meeting of the guild. There was a discussion on the handling of tote bags, and how some came up missing. Also, better communication should be had between all groups handling monies.

It was decided to have our membership list updated and that hard copies should be sent to those who don’t have access to computers or internet.


Nancy Field gave a summary of the FiberFest. All in all, it was a great success.

Welcome to our 3 new members, we are looking forward to their input and new ideas,

Shauna was making “pocket prayer shawls” and shared the pattern with us. This will also be posted on the webpage and on Facebook.


Thanks to you all, see you on the 16, Lee ��






Pocket Prayer Shawls

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Guild members are  making these "pocket prayer shawls"  for patients dealing with medical issues. Patterns for knit and crochet :



Fireweed Fiber Guild Minutes 10/19/19

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Fireweed Fiber Guild

10/1/19 Minutes


Meeting was called to order at 11:10 with 10 members present including 3 new members. Introductions were made all around.

Treasurer’s report: $4245.07 with insurance to be paid.

Old Business:


Nancy Field gave FiberFest report: Planning was started late in 2018 for the 2019 event, we had a lot of ads and articles in the newspaper this year, our guild table was a success, 2019 raffle sales were down from last year. We had an increase in vendors, demonstrations, and the kids table was successful due to the help of the Fuzzy Wuzzy 4-H group. We discussed a donation of $250 be donation to the Fuzzy Wuzzys. Thank you letters were sent to all vendors and food vendors. Raffle prizes were delivered to all winners not present (thank you Jane Conway).

There was a short discussion on the FiberFest. One of our new members suggested having more literature regarding fiber at the sign in tables.


New Business:

Shauna shared the pattern for “pocket prayers shawls”. Several members got the patterns from her.

It was decided to put a small summary of meeting in newsletter.


Meeting adjourned at 12:10


Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Morey

BOD Secretary



FFG BOD Meeting 11/19/19

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Fireweed Fiber Guild

BOD meeting

Oct 19, 2019

Meeting was called to order at 10:10 with 4 board members present. Linda, Lisa, Monti and Kathy

Old Business:

It was concluded that this year’s FiberFest was a success.

Monti gave treasurer’s report: to date, $4245.07 with insurance to be paid. She suggested that next year there should be better accounting on money’s collected as to what category funds should be listed. Such as: memberships, bags, raffle

It was brought up that there was a problem with dogs around the animal pens, and we will need better signage requiring dogs to be on leashes.

Board was agreed that the floor arrangement/booth assignment worked well. It was brought up that there might be better descriptions of job assignments for the FiberFest; and someone needs to be sure the room isn’t so cold.

There was a glitch in the communications with some food vendors, and it was noted that the signing up of these vendors should be cleared with the person heading that task.

Guild Tote Bags: Some bags went missing at the festival, probably due to it wasn’t made clear there was a Guild tote bags charge. Need better signage and control in the future. There are only 15 bags left in inventory from the original order of 53. We are still missing monies from an outside sale.

New Business:

Terms for Board members was discussed, and noted that term is for 2 years, running from January to January, with elections held at October/November meetings. Call for nominations will begin during the summer of 2020.

A motion was made and seconded to have a printed list of members, with emails, so our membership list can be purged of duplicates and individuals who no longer wish to receive the newsletter. An email will be sent to people on list “if you no longer want to receive our emails, please reply”.

A motion was made and seconded to send out hard copies to members who have no access to computers and/or internet.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:11am


Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Morey

BOD Secretary


Fiber Roving October 2019

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Fiber Roving~~ Oct 2019~~ Our next meeting is scheduled for Oct 19 at the Soldotna Public Library at 11:00, again, the 3rd Saturday of the month. Bring your projects and we can discuss and enjoy our success with the 2019 Festival! I am sorry I am so late on this, but have been busy at work and at home upgrading and winterizing my place. My hope is that you remember our regular schedule, 3rd Saturday, and that we will see many of you on the 19th. Our Sept began a bit wonky, but Kathy M. pulled out a great solution and we met at the Reading Corner. What a delightful surprise. The place is full of second-hand books, has many options to sit and read, a coffee corner, gift shop and a warm, welcoming feeling about it. It???s a good back up meeting place if we need it, or other groups too. The attendance at the Festival on Saturday was awesome, a bit slower on Sunday, but on Sunday we had a cold rain to contend with. I was at the children???s table again and this year we had the additional benefit of having the 4H Fuzzy Wuzzys (fiber club, welcomes new members) helping us. We also had a young community member join in the teaching. 4H not only provided teachers, they also had yarn for the projects, as did we, so participants had a lot of choices. We had finger knitting and crocheting as well as 7 strand looms to share with the participants, and we had a lot of them. Next year we should try counting them! I made a sign that said Free ???Kid??? Activities, and adults asked what age is a kid? We decided on 107, so we had adults participate too. We had 3 adults and 4 youth as teachers, and we were all busy from opening till about mid-afternoon on Saturday. Went home very tried, but satisfied too. Sunday was slower, which I appreciated. As well as some outside critter jobs I must get done this fall, I also added a new member to the family. He is a male Great Pyrenees pup, got him 3 weeks ago and his name is Caleb Thunder Foot. I had forgotten the ???joy??? of puppies, like potty training, and no to chewing on everything. Like having a 2 year old child in a home that is not ???child proof??????..I am learning or should I say remembering!! But I love his serious personality, and Sadie (my older Pyrenees) has accepted him and they play all the time, when they are not eating or sleeping???..Like I need another job, and its worth it, I do enjoy him a lot too. Outside jobs call me, so I need to close, and look forward to fun meeting on the 19, many stories to share! Even if you didn???t make it to the festival, come and hear the stories???????????????..Lee ????

Fireweed Fiber Guild 9/21/2019 Minutes

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Fireweed Fiber Guild 9/21/2019 Minutes Meeting was called to order at 11:20 with 11 members present. Members introduced themselves. Old Business: Regarding Fiberfest: Shauna reported she has signed up food vendors. Reindeer Hut, Kenai Kumbacha, Wok & Roll, and Hot Dog a la Cart. Flyers have been passed out and posted in many communities, from Homer to Girdwood. New Business and announcements: Monti brought colored markers for members to decorate their bags. Nancy announced she will, also, be having a booth at the Festival Kathy passed around a thank you card from the Boys and Girls Club thanking the guild for the flowers made last summer. Instead of the original idea of �??planting�?� them on a fence, the club took them to the senior center and passed them out to the residents , who totally were thrilled. Lee commented that there should be more communication between members regarding happening within the guild Meeting was adjourned at 12:00 Respectfully submitted, Kathy Morey BOD Secretary

Fiber Roving September 2019

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Fiber Roving~~September 2019~~I am wondering where the summer has gone? As I type Sept into the date, I think FALL, yes, we begin the gentle fall into Fall, a time of beautiful colors and brisk air, and another step into the quiet of winter. Yet with the continued dry, hot summer, it seems the plants and trees are a bit confused by our weather. I was picking mature fireweed to feed to the goats (high in protein) and below the older stems were new plants with buds, that was just week ago, a little late to begin life. The hot, dry summer has impacted all that grows around us. For the fires and the earth too, the rains have been greatly appreciated, we all need a long drink. I have re-homed my breeding buck, Farley now resides in a Cashmere herd in Wasilla and is doing well. We welcomed a new member to the family. We lost Galen in July, he was 12, old for his breed, I still miss his calm demeanor. To my surprise, I found a flyer for Great Pyrenees pups locally, so I checked it out, and 8 week old Caleb joined us a week ago. I am re-learning skills for potty training, chewing issues and more�?�.I have an energetic �??2 year old personality�?�, about the place. Our next meeting, the third Saturday of the month is September 21st. We meet at the Soldotna Library at 11:00, come rain or shine. Many of you have gotten the Guild Totes, so the idea is to bring your tote, and methods you have used or want to use on your tote, and we can share resources and ideas and make our totes individually unique to each of us. Linda and Lisa will have totes available for those that haven�??t gotten theirs yet. We also covered the Ninilchik, Kenai Peninsula Fair again this year. It is free to us to have a booth there, because we are providing an educational service. I was there Sunday with Jane Conway and it was a pleasant experience, as usual. Hopefully we can share some stories on our different Fair experiences. The fiber section at the fair had a better showing then last year, but over-all the fair is down on exhibitors. Winter is coming and then spring garden time. This is our Fair, a chance for us to �??show our stuff�?� on all levels, a chance to let everyone know what the Kenai Peninsula does from fine art to produce to livestock. We are a diverse and creative area. I am always pleased at the quality I see all over the Peninsula. So make a commitment now, car pool with neighbors & friend and get your products to Ninilchik next year. Lets put forth a real effort to have the Fair be a showcase for who we are in 2020! �??? Well, guess that�??s it folks, I will see you on the 21st in Kenai at the Reading Corner at 11:00 am. Lee Sell/Buy/Trade Don Marlowe has 600 bales of hay for sale. Its in the barn, 10.00 at the barn or he will deliver. The load has to be at least 40 bales and delivered it is 11.00 a bale. He is in Sterling and can be reached at 398-9131. I use his hay, its good quality, and he is a very nice gentleman to deal with. Dehaired Cashmere for sale. Some reservations on the final product, so I am selling it for 19.00 an ounce or two ounces at 30.00 (15.00 an ounce). It is still very spinnable with a nice final yarn. 4 colors to choose from, light taupe, dark taupe, variegated beige or white. Call Lee at 384-6146 evenings. If you have something to post, please contact me by the 5th of the month with yo

FFG BOD Meeting 7/20/2019

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Fireweed Fiber Guild Board of Directors Meeting July 20, 2019 Meeting called to order at 10 am with 5 members present. Treasurer�??s report: Balance as of 7/20/19= $2,566.34 Old Business: There was a problem with a non-member taking tote bags to sell to non-members at large. Bags were sold at $15 each, but as of this date no monies have been turned over to the guild. It was agreed that non-members would be limited to only 5 bags if they want to sell them for us. New Business: Tote Bags: It was suggested, by Monti, that we have markers available at meetings and the FiberFest for decorating the bags by individuals. And Kathy suggested to have our guild business cards put in each bag. FiberFest: Booth assignments will be assigned by Monti. We will have a kid�??s corner for activities for youth. A possible chalk footprint path leading out to the animals was discussed. Clarification of natural fiber required in finished product was talked about and it was decided to change the 75% to 50%. Next BOD meeting will be Oct 19, 2019 Meeting adjourned at 11:00am Submitted, Kathy Morey BOD secretary

Fiber Roving July 2019

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Fiber Roving~~July 2019~~ Heat has been hard on me, I am just not use to it, and I have really seen it in the critters. The goats usually go through 30 gals of water a day, they are going through 60 gals of water! Luckily I have a hose to fill their tank in the summer. Everyone is seeking shade and any breeze that comes by, Sadie, one of my Pyrenees like to hide in the house. The old man Galen, seems OK finding shade outside. The geese seek shade under the trees and the goats move around the pen depending on where the sun is, they do have shade amongst the trees too. I find it hard to work outside for too long, then I go to the house for a cooling down, drinking lots of water, hope you are too. The drop to the 70s was nice after the 4th, but we are suppose to be up to the 80s for a few more days, so take care & stay cool! Our next meeting is July 20, 2019, same place and time, Soldotna Library at 11:00am to 1:00, bring your projects and join us. I have got a lot of processed cashmere right now. Some people think cashmere is hard to spin, its really not. So I will bring cashmere with me on the 20th, and if you would like to try this awesome fiber, bring your wheel and we can do a little sampling and teaching with cashmere. Please remember the FLOWERS, we made a commitment to make flowers to decorate the Boys and Girls Club garden. Kathy recommended we use acrylics since they would hold up longer in weather. You can take them to the B&G Club in Kenai or bring them to the next meeting on July 20th, a promise to a child should be kept, we all have scraps of yarn that would make great flowers! For those that were not at the last meeting, we do have our guild bags, 12.00 for members, 15.00 for non-members. The design is simple, matches our guild banner, it is black & white, but begs for some added color using fabric markers, which will make each unique to the owner.