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Fiber Roving May 2018

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Fiber Roving

May 2018


Well hello all, I am late on this newsletter because I had to go to Anchorage for eye surgery, two cataracts have been removed and I can now see to drive without glasses!!!!!Happy Day! Time to celebrate and do a dance!! I need non-prescription reading glasses and that is it!! So I do have a bit of an excuse for being late on this newsletter 

The important thing is that our next meeting is on May 19, 2018 from 11:00 to 1:00, at the Soldotna Library Community Room, 1st door on the right as you enter the library. This will be our last meeting at the library until fall. We will be meeting at homes during the summer months, and usually try to do something special. We have one offer of dyeing, but we need the plants to grow first. Would you like to teach/share something special?? Do you have an idea for something you would like to learn?? Bring your ideas and suggestions to the next meeting!

On a separate note, on some of the south facing trees, the buds are green. A bit of green color peeking through the browns and reds of early spring, it makes my heart sing! For some reason this year, I have been impatient for spring, looking out over the rolling hills of the Kasilof River valley, I have seen the red tint on the birch branches, and have been searching diligently for that first blush of green, those first leaf buds opening…and they have begun, so be it, life renews once more, the cycle continues.

See you on the 19th! Lee

Remember the Festival, are you creating your beautiful work for sale?? I know its spring, but evenings are still good times to create beauty! ��


Fiber Roving April 2018

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Fiber Roving

April 2018

In-spite of the snow fall, wind and then hail last night, it is becoming spring on the Peninsula. My critters have known for awhile, the geese responded first, wandering about over snow pack and ice, begging on the deck for treats, finding every snow melt puddle to bath in, and just trumpeting their joy of a new season. My old cat, 16 now, has been scooting outside hoping to find fresh greens, and just sniffing the earth awakening. The dogs are enjoying the warmth of the sun, even on the snow, and of course the goats are more playful, butting, running and being just plain silly.

I have been teaching a small spinning class through Community Schools, and as one student describes it, we have new “fiber monsters” to join our guild, they are enthusiastic about the craft we love, FIBER

Our next meeting will be on the 3rd Saturday of the month, which is April 21st at the Soldotna Public Library in the community room, first door on the right as you enter the library. This will be a social gathering this month, bring your projects, snacks if you feel like it, and join the many conversations. If you have been working on a special or unique project and would like to share with the group, please do! Our business meetings are usually short, and we have the rest of the time to visit! FUN See you at 11:00 and we can stay until 1:00, come join your fellow fiber enthusiasts on April 21st.

I know spring is in the air, but things are still too frozen to do many outside projects, so join us on the 21st!!

I have a notice from Sharon H. from the MatSu fiber retreat, but it’s a bit long for our newsletter, so I’ll forward it to you separately.

Happy Spring to all,


This couple will travel to the Peninsula to shear if they have enough interest. They have a flock in the Interior, and have been shearing there for a while….possible resource for you, please contact them directly if interested.

Andrew Hamlin of Fairbanks travels across Alaska shearing sheep. Last year he sheared over 400 sheep! If there is enough interest to bring him to the Peninsula we can schedule a trip. Rates are $15/sheep, $20/goat, $40/alpaca, $3/head hooves. Large flock discounts available


Text 907-590-8630


Fiber Roving March 2018

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Fiber Roving
March 2018

February has flown by in record time for me, and I had a real treat today. I served as one of the judges for the 4H Presentation Day. I was fortunate to be judging the 3rd, 4th & 5th grade 4Hers, many presenting for the first time. These are 9, 10, & 11 years old. I have done this before, and they always pair you with another judge. As usual, I was very impressed by these 4Hers, their family support and the degree of preparation they had put into their presentations. These young people are developing skills now they can use for a life time….and some of them are so darn cute about it!

We have had our second Saturday meeting, with another good turn out, and fun! We had 4 carders, there was lots of different types of fiber and accents to play with, so after our business meeting, fiber was flying! Those not making batts were working on other projects and visiting, it was a fun gathering.

Our meeting was short, as usual, Monti gave a brief financial report, and Nancy Fields, the new coordinator for the festival made some announcements related to the festival. We also asked for volunteers for the festival committee, and members joined into the effort. If you want to be on the committee and work with Nancy, let her know, this is a big job, all hands are welcome.

If you have not gotten the info yet, the Fireweed Fiberfest is Sept 29 & 30,2018 and will be at the Soldotna Sports Arena off K-Beach Rd. Close to town, should be great for community participation which will help the vendors, the teachers, and our own fiber community.

Our next meeting will be the 3rd Saturday of March, the 17th, from 11:00 to 1:00 at the Soldotna Library. Yes, yes, its St Paddy’s Day, a big holiday for my family, so I challenge everyone to bring snacks that are green, natural or otherwise, be creative folks ��

We have some special projects for this meeting. Loretta is going to bring some hands-on projects we can do for fundraising and fun. And we have a guest from J&H, Diane, who wants to share with us a technique with yarn that she is excited about. Should be a fun learning time. Bring your own projects or join in the joint effort, or do both, why not?

See you all on the 17 at 11:00, its fun having a larger participation and some activities to spark our imagination….



Carol has some critters to sell; she takes good care of her animals, but needs to downsize a bit, please call or text her at 907-690-1106

We have a white mixed breed Newhsmpshire/southdown ewe for sale. $150

There is a white Icelandic ram for sale. $200

We also have 2 wethered goats. They are mixed breed, one was bottle fed and very

Fiber Roving February 2018

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Fiber Roving

Feb 2018

Well, what a day it was! The decision was made at our previous meeting and the vote was to try a Saturday meeting, and what a great day it was!

We meet at the Soldotna Public Library per usual, in the community room, it was cold, but sunny, and it was 11:00 am on a Saturday. Approximately 12 to 15 fiber artists gathered in the common rooms to share their love of the fiber arts and enjoy a time to socialize with each other, share ideas, crafts, stories and catching up with the news.

Snacks were available, ideas and conversations circled the room. Some new people were there thanks to Nancy running a notice in the Clarion. Many regulars were there too, getting reconnected, it was a good day, one of many to come I hope.

Our next meeting will be on the 3rd Saturday of the month, February 17th at the Soldotna Public Library from 11:00 to 1:00, come and enjoy some good conversations, and be inspired by other crafters.

See you on the 17th, bring a friend, photos are the handy work of Kathy M. ...... Lee

Fiber Roving January 2018

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Fiber Roving
January 2018

Happy New Year to all, may it be a year in which your dreams are fulfilled, and joy and peace fill your days

It will be a time of change for us at the guild also, and our hope is that this makes life and attendance more accessible to our members. Our next meeting will be on Jan 20th, the 3rd Saturday of the month, starting at 11:00 am and closing at 1:00. This will be our winter agenda, allowing for easier travel during the dark months. We also hope this schedule will be easier for those working as well as non-working. It is hard to go home to tend to family after work, or when the children are just home from schools and then leave for a meeting. We hope this schedule will compliment more of the members. Sooooooooo…..hoping to see more members on January 20, 2018, 11:00am to 1:00pm at the Soldotna Public Library, snacks and tea are always welcome. Any business will be covered in the first 15 minutes, and the rest of the time will be social and hands on projects you have with you.

I think it would be nice to have some educational elements in the mix. We can all learn from each other, it would be a relaxed setting of sharing your skills with friends. Something you can do in the existing time frame. Unfortunately, if it requires water, we can’t do it at the library. Let us know if you would like to do a short “spot-light” class for fellow fiber folks �� Email Lee and let her know so we can post it in the newsletter

On another front, generous members of the Guild donated finished product before the holidays to sell at holiday craft fairs. Martha Merry and Jane Conway took on the responsibility and sold items at their booth. Not all items sold, but we did earn 130.00 toward funding for the Fiber Festival. Jane & Martha said they will sell more during the Farmers Market season.

Well, that’s the guild news, all good. It is quiet here, I did not breed this year, really want to finish the goat barn before I do. I have taken on additional hours at work, and that has been an adjustment. ¬¬¬¬¬¬I do wish it would snow, I have ice and brown earth, neither is nice. I was creative and used wood ash to provide some traction when I feed the critters. Helps me and feeds the land in the spring. My rescue goselings are full size, raised by the adults I had. They are a bit shy with me because I did not hand raise them, but they sure come when I call to feed them. ��

That’s it for now, see you on January 20 at 11:00…….Lee



Fiber Roving November 2017

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Fiber Roving

November 2017

The fog was thick as I drove to work today, temperatures low, and vehicles that were slow, concerned about ice in the dark I think. It was annoying to say the least, but I wasn’t too late (5 minutes). The darkness has disappeared for blue skies and sunshine, it could be clear and cold tonight, and if so, it will be a great star gazing night too, if it doesn’t cloud over.

A few chores left before the real snow blasts into our neighborhood. I did set up the water heaters after that short cold snap in Sept., and all are working well. Have a supply of hay for now, and about 1/3 of my winter wood in, hope to have the rest by the end of the week. No, I’m not doing it myself, not the skill level or equipment, but have a contract with a local man, some of its here, some is coming, and then I’ll be set for a good while; like being warm, just feels good.

OK, enough chatter, we have lots of business to discuss! 

1. Donations are still being accepted, take them directly to Martha Merry, 252-5082, or bring to the Nov Guild Meeting on Nov 16th, last day to turn in donations for our festival fund raiser.

2. We need additional Board of Director members, please consider this opportunity in support of the Guild, they only meet quarterly.

3. The membership decided to reserve space for 2018 Fiber Festival, space has been reserved at the Sterling Community Center for Sept of 2018. We need to have members to serve on the Fiber Festival Committees, lots of ways to serve and help. We have every possibility of really growing this event to benefit of all members, and we need all you to contribute to make that happen. Commitments vary, small, medium and large, so join in and share the satisfaction of success.

4. We are a Guild, we do have dues, we need to them to cover small and large expenses. Small like the bank acct & web page and larger ones like the festival. 20.00 a year is pretty low, and it helps the Guild to grow. If you have not paid your dues for 2017/2018, please contact Monti at 262-4851.

5. OK, this is a link to a survey, it is also on the Guild Facebook, would like to hear from everyone, what would work best for the majority of members for meetings? Keep it on Thursday?; change time, day and structure (potluck, short meeting, 15 min, social/craft time)?; or other??? We want to be accessible to the majority, and would like to see more participation at the meetings. (more fun that way for everyone  ) Please vote, let us know your ideas & preference." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https/

Next meeting will be Thursday, Nov 16th at 5:30 or when you get there, bring your smile, your project, and let us discuss and share, snacks always welcome too.

OK folks, I think that is it for now….please take a minute to vote, we do need to hear from you, and please remember the donations and your dues……keep smiling and I’ll see you on the 16th! �� Lee

Fiber Roving October 2017

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Fiber Roving

October 2017

Hello, this is going to be short, I have just returned from Minnesota, my oldest sister is dying, and I needed to go home and say goodbye. Sorry for the lateness of this reminder.

Our next meeting is the 3rd Thursday of the month, which is Oct 19th at the Soldotna Library, beginning at 5:30 or when you get there. Hope to see many of you there. Bring your donations for our fund raising for the festival.

Also, Kathy Morey’s class is Oct 15th at Artzy Junkin’ in Soldotna, it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn basic tapestry weaving, or to refresh your weaving skills in miniature, her work is beautiful and she is a patient teacher. I sent you an email on this, and she still has some room in the class. Call Sue at 398-9162 to reserve your space….you can buy a loom from her (30.00) or bring your own, no larger then 8x10.

Notices: Buy/Sell/Trade

Kathy M has a beautiful loom for sale, Weaver’s Rapid Warp Loom, 18” wide, paid over 500.00, will take 300.00 for it, folds up, easy to store, link has some great photos and how too for it, she can be contacted at 513-1731. Photos didn’t transfer, but the link

give you good visuals." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">


See you all on the 19th, Lee



Fiber Roving September 2017

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Fiber Roving

September 2017

I sat in my chair with a cup of morning tea as I watched light creep over the northern hills, oh I thought, Sterling will have sun, nice, and with time the light spread, and to my delight, I saw what might be clear skies, and then the sun peaked over the eastern hills, and what joy for me, the sun rise, the blue skies, yes still some clouds, but I do not care, I saw the sun rise, I see blue skies, and my spirit is lifted with the beauty of this new day. I am grateful for the beginning of a new day without heavy clouds and rain. ��

It is also a perfect day to do outside projects I must complete before winter. What a perfect day to be outside. The ground cover has begun changing on this little ridge I call home. The dwarf dog wood leaves are the deep red of fall. The fireweed in places is also deep red. Many plants are in their full dry stage waving gayly in the wind some are soft and feathery and some stiff and proud declaring, we are done, we have completed this season of life and growth. And so we step into the brief and beautiful fall of Alaska, as we finalize our winter preparation we can also appreciate the beauty of this season.

Our September meeting will be at Martha Merry’s home, it’s a good central location, our October meeting will be back at the library. Sept Meeting will be on Thursday, Sept 21, beginning at approximately 5:30, or when you get there. Snacks are always welcome. Bring your projects as usual. We need to have a discussion on our Board (need members) and what structure will really work for us. What will best meet the needs of this Guild? We also need to discuss the Fiber Festival? So please come, be part of the discussion, (if you are not there, you can’t be part of the decision making), ALL ideas and suggestions are welcome. If you have not been at Martha’s her number is 252-5082 for directions.

As well as the guild, I am part of the Farm Bureau. This is a great organization with regional groups, state groups and a national organization. Our local group has really had a great educational focus with different speakers at the monthly meetings. If you raise produce or livestock, this could be a good organization to consider. The annual dues go toward our local organization as well as the larger structure. The local chapter has used these funds to contribute to the local Fair, agriculture youth programs such as 4H and FFA, and other agriculture related projects on the Peninsula. There are also discounts available, since we are part of a national group. To get additional information check it out at:, or just type in Alaska Farm Bureau and either way will get you to their web page. Call or email if you would like to join.

Lee ��



1. 4 HARNESS, 6 TREADLE, DANISH COUNTERMARCH FLOOR LOOM FOR SALE in Anchorage. It has an overhead beater, 12 epi reed, texsolv tie-us, bench that attaches and comes with shuttles, adjustable warping pegs and various other accessories. Perfect for rugs, blankets, shawls, yardage, etc. It is quick and easy to dissassemble and store; also, quick to re-assemble. For more information please phone Ruth at 907 346.4674 or e-mail [email protected]

She is asking 350.00 for this, have had the email for awhile, so if you are interested, please call soon.



2. Dehaired Alaskan Cashmere for sale by the ounce. 20.00 for white, 19.00 for very light gray. Call Lee at 394-6146

some colors of fall


Fiber Roving August 2017

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Fiber Roving

August 2017

Finally finished the small blue trim around the windows on the house today, one of too many summer jobs, but that’s Alaska in the summer. Have two new members of the family, two orphaned goslings, which have luckily been adopted by my two older geese. Wasn’t sure it would work, but it has, and they faithfully follow one of the two adults that is more maternal and protective of them. They are free ranging with the adults on grass and browse about the place, and have had their first swims. They have their grain daily and come to me for treats, but only with the adults leading the way. Very fun to watch them about the place, and to listen to their goose baby talk.

NOW down to business, Kenai Peninsula State Fair is coming up on August 18, 19, & 20 – We, Fireweed Fiber Guild, are expected! And that means YOU are needed. I am finishing preparation for a youth grief camp now at work, and have no spare time, and the grief camp is the week of August 14 to 17, and on the evening of August 17, I will be helping with judging at the Fair.

What I hope you see is that my schedule is very tight in the next few weeks and others are going to have to step up and DO….because I can’t. So, these are the things that must be done.

1. Call and schedule the Guild members to cover the Fair in 4 hour shifts on all 3 days. Martha Merry will be doing this, please call her at 252-5082 to schedule your shift.

- I am still working to try and get passes for those coming in so we don’t have to pay each time.

- Working a shift is fun, visiting with each other & the community, bring a project to work on; wheel, spindle, weaving, knitting, crocheting, needle felting etc (it’s part of our demo)

2. We need set up & break down folks, a few hours at the beginning and end of the Fair

- I believe Jane C has the banner and the petting zoo.

- I have the 3 fold display on Alaskan fiber livestock

3. Need someone to pick up the petting zoo from Jane and REVITALIZE IT, some of the fibers are matted and need fresh fiber put in them. Everyone can help by sharing the fibers they have. This has been very popular and enjoyed by many, but we need it in good shape.

This is a really fun time, we have to be prepared, we can do it and we need you to volunteer at the Fair and in the preparation.

We do not have a Guild meeting in August due to the Fair, the Fair is our gathering/meeting. It is a service we do for the community and is a great way to promote our craft and educate folks on the joy of natural fibers and all the creative ways we can utilize it.

Please help, I cannot do it this year and others need to step up, SEE YOU AT THE FAIR!! �� Lee




Fiber Roving July 2107

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Fiber Roving

July 2017

The sun was shining today and I made good progress on clearing the area of small trees that will be my future gardens; perineal flowers, medicinal herbs and vegetables. I know some feel flowers are a waste, but I love beauty in life in all forms and that includes flowers, food and herbs. It’s a nice area with a lot of south/east exposure. It’s a traditional forest soil, acidic, and in this ridge area, very shallow, does have good drainage with lots of sand & gravel. Some of my assets are the goat manure and ash from my wood stove, to help toward building a good soil. I know it will take time, but that’s OK, I have the vision in my head. :-)

I know you are all busy, so I will keep this short…. :-) Our next meeting is on Thursday, July 20th at 5:30/6:00 or when you can get there. We shall be meeting at Martha Merry’s place in Ridgeway just outside of Soldotna off the Kenai Spur Hwy. If you need directions call Martha at 252-5082. At the last meeting, it was suggested we have a summer picnic. Martha will have it set up so you can cook your own hot dogs or hamburgers. She is making a big bowel of potato salad. Bring a Dish to Share. We will have a tour of the restored Dome, and Martha said she will do a demonstration on herGreat Wheel. As usual bring your current project, or just come and visit….See you all on the 20th……….. ��

This is July 2017, the beginning of our fiscal year. Please contact our Treasurer, Monti Hightower, 262-4851, to pay your 20.00 annual dues as a member of this Guild or bring them to the July Meeting. Thank you so much. Your dues help support the Fiber Festival for 2018.



Items for Sale/Trade/Buy

A Blue Bonnet spinning wheel for sale. . Previously owned by Jules at Knitty Stash. Call Brooke Carson at 907-978-5138. It's $200 or OBO.Brooke can send a photo if someone is interested. Nothing wrong with wheel, she's just not using it. 


This came through the web page and we were asked if we would post…Kathy alerted me, so I am passing it on to you, if you’re interested, contact Susan directly. (if you have any general Cashmere questions, you are welcome to contact me)

From Susan Carruthers

I live in Tok and I have a small herd of a dozen Cashmere goats (all does and wethers) I want to sell. Can I post the information on your website?

Email address: [email protected]




That’s it for this month folks, would really like to see many of you at the July Picnic… I like seeing your smiling faces!! Lee